This blog started as a way to express my heart as I navigated the murky waters of grief following the tragic disappearance of my sister in 2012.  I don’t know that I’ll ever be finished processing that blow, but as time has gone on I’ve accepted how it goes for me and I simply allow emotion to come as it will.  Wave after wave of difficulty has pounded it’s way through my life, and although it doesn’t even touch what many others have been forced to walk through, I’ve been doing all I can to learn how to rise above it and surf instead of suffer.  Out of necessity I have focused on learning about healing amidst the busy ruckus of raising young children.  Healing: spiritual, emotional AND physical.  There are so many mysteries surrounding how the body works, how it corresponds to the beliefs of the heart, and how the mind directs the parasympathetic nervous system in connection to the emotions we experience.  Not to mention, choosing our emotions and the power we have over how we, as individuals manage incoming stimuli.  My focus has had an immense shift into natural health and medicine as well as inner healing and self management.  I invite you to join me as I embark on one of the most exciting adventures I’ve tackled thus far.  Healing.

With anticipation,


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